How could we reduce the amount of  waste in disposable products? This is the question we ask ourselves when we are developing our products.


Engineering and developing of the product got started with a thought that the product should be durable and simple. It would reduce the need of disposable products and would bring some luxury to everyday life. Compact size gives Ulkeri its’ easy-to-use ability. We took into account factors that would give Ulkeri competitive edge.

Ulkeri is meant for outside use, for example Ulkeri could be a cooking platform on grill and/or campfire. It consists of two parts: cooking platform and supporting platform with legs. The supporting platform can be folded inside the cooking platform. Cooking platform is an innovation based on parchment paper(paper meant for baking). It is washable and re-usable.  To make Ulkeri even more effortless it cools down and dries up fast. One great feature makes Ulkeri perfect for you! In addition to outside use, Ulkeri can be used indoors too. Supportin platform with legs is light, compact and collapsible.

Other products

  • wax paper
  • parchment paper
  • cup cake mold

Ulkeri product family consists of versatile cooking commodities. In product development, we took into account the attributes of cooked food – juiciness, structure, most common food materials’ attributes, size and preservation.